Welcome to the site of The Happiness Manager. The Happiness Manager focuses on training people with a distance to the labour market in a Zero/No-coding platform. Arthur’s passion to help people led him to start with The Happiness Manager. He set the goal to train at least 10 people with a distance to the labour market and to guide them to a sustainable and suitable job.

Zero, also called No-code, is a new way of developing web applications that many people can learn well and quickly. Zero/No-code platforms are seen by various research agencies as a “disruptive technology”. This means that this will be one of the techniques that will grow very strongly in the coming years. Zero/No-coding enables anyone to develop their own applications, also known as “Citizen Developers”.  

Target groups:

  • Ÿ Highly educated Status holders
  • Ÿ Unemployed 50+ old people with an ICT background
  • Ÿ Unemployed HBOs (higher professional education) with a “wrong” study choice
  • People with autism
  • Physically challenged people who receive Wajong benefits (Invalidity Insurance (Young Disabled Persons) Act)  
Read more on the site about how The Happiness Manager can contribute to finding suitable work for these target groups. Do you recognize yourself in one of these target groups and are you curious what The Happiness Manager can do for you? Please feel free to contact us!